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Have you been charged with a felony or a misdemeanor? Then it is important for you to quickly find the reliable, aggressive legal representation you need to ensure that your rights are upheld throughout the legal process. The Law Office of Jonathan Watkins provides you with talented criminal lawyers in San Antonio, TX, that are ready to hear your case and begin creating your defense.

The defense lawyers at our criminal defense law office have experience on both sides of the courtroom. After spending time as a felony prosecutor with jury trial experience, our criminal justice lawyer, Mr. Jonathan Watkins, realized that too many individuals lacked the committed, compassionate legal services they needed to argue their case in court effectively. That is why he and his legal team have made it their mission to utilize their expertise and knowledge to help individuals in need of defense lawyers.

Our team thoroughly assesses the facts of your case and puts together a strong defense on your behalf. As your tireless advocates, we do everything possible to secure the most favorable outcome available in your particular case. However severe the charges you are facing, you can rest assured that you are receiving superior counsel and representation from a competent and dedicated attorney. We have the necessary experience to guide you through the legal process and stand in your defense before the judge. Facing the criminal justice is daunting. As our client, though, you are not alone.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Fighting for Your Rights

Thanks to our history of working as prosecutors, we know what the state is looking for when they are trying to build a case against you. This knowledge allows our skilled attorneys to start planning the strategic defense that stands between you and the state prosecutor. Whether you have been arrested for a misdemeanor traffic violation or a felony offense, our defense lawyers are fully capable of mounting an aggressive approach to your defense in the courtroom.

Depending on the specific facts of your case, certain approaches to your defense may be more effective than others. That is why our team gets to know you and your situation before we proceed. Your case is not exactly the same as other clients, and we don’t treat you like your just one more source of billable hours. Compassion is one of our guiding principles, and we want you to understand that we are fully taking your personal interest into consideration. In fact, knowing how to use the personal facts of your case to your advantage often makes a major difference in criminal proceedings.

When you don’t have an experienced criminal justice lawyer by your side, you run the risk of having your voice drowned out during court hearings. You need someone working with you that understands the laws-understands how prosecutors think and know how to show a jury your side of the story persuasively. That is exactly what the team at our criminal defense law firm does best. Schedule a consultation with us when you need to discuss our:

Scales of Justice in San Antonio, TX

Free Initial Consultation with Our Defense Lawyers

Hiring an attorney to defend your legal rights is a very important step when it comes to building your defense after being accused of committing a crime. Our criminal justice lawyers want you to know that choosing our law firm to represent you is the smart choice for building your case. To make it even easier for you to decide to work with us, our law firm is currently providing free, no-obligation initial consultations and case evaluations to our clients. This allows you to see why we are the right option for your legal needs without causing you any financial risk.

In criminal cases, the stakes are high. Often, clients’ driving privileges, employment, parental rights, and freedom are on the line. You can’t afford to take chances, and our team is ready to fight for your rights and ensure that you receive the full respect and consideration that you deserve. As your law firm, we maintain open communication with you throughout the process and make sure that you understand each step as it happens. Legal cases can be complicated, but our team stands by you each step of the way. Whether we reach an agreement with the state or take the case to trial, you can count on receiving the highest standard of criminal representation available.

Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation with our criminal defense lawyers. Our law firm is proud to provide our legal services to individuals located throughout the communities of San Antonio, Floresville, Stone Oak, Alamo Heights, and Universal City, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas.

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