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Weapons Charges Attorney in San Antonio, TX

A weapons offense is often considered a felony crime. That means you are going to need to work with a skilled weapons charges attorney in San Antonio, TX, to ensure you have the best possible legal representation when your case goes to trial. The Law Office of Jonathan Watkins is a criminal defense law firm that is ready to help you understand gun possession laws and how they affect your gun possession charges.

When you have been charged with illegal gun possession or any other weapons charge, our concealed carry lawyers will be there to help defend you. Our team devotes ourselves to creating an aggressive defense against your gun possession charges to help you fight towards a better outcome during your case.

Understanding Gun Possession Laws

The gun possession laws in our state cover a wide variety of different charges, including illegal possession, selling, concealing, and lending. Any of these charges are capable of coming with some serious penalties that can turn your world upside down. Offenders could be looking at large fines, probation, or even significant jail or prison time if they are convicted. It is the goal of our weapons charges attorney to make a strong case for you to help you minimize or avoid these charges and their penalties.

How a weapon is used in relation to your charge can end up changing the type of punishment you receive. For example, if a weapon was used during the commission of another crime, the penalties are much harsher than if no other crime is committed. In every situation, however, you have legal rights that must be upheld. Our attorney understands the gun possession laws and your rights and can make sure that your voice is heard through our legal defense.

Handgun in San Antonio, TX

Free Initial Consultations for Gun Possession Charges

The concealed carry lawyers at our law firm are prepared, focused, and aggressive. They understand how to explore all of the different options available to you when you have been charged with a weapons crime and can help you choose the best course of action for how to proceed with your case.

You will know you have a good advocate by your side when you work with our law firm. Want to find out how we can best assist you with your case? Take advantage of our free initial consultation and case evaluation services so you can get to know our attorney and how he can fight for you.

Contact us for more information about how we can help you if you have been charged with illegal gun possession. Our weapons charges attorney works hard for clients located throughout the communities of San Antonio, Floresville, Stone Oak, Alamo Heights, and Universal City, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas.