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Homicide Attorney in San Antonio, TX

Have you been arrested and accused of a homicide? Manslaughter and murder convictions are some of the most severe in the entire state and can lead to you spending the rest of your life in prison, or even take you to death row. The Law Office of Jonathan Watkins has a homicide attorney in San Antonio, TX, who is ready to create a solid defense for you that helps you protect your rights in the court of law. We also introduce your side of the story to hopefully help you lighten your charge or have it thrown out altogether.

There are no surefire defenses to homicide, and even working with the best murder lawyers—like the ones at our criminal defense law firm—doesn't ensure your freedom. That said, a homicide defense attorney still makes a huge difference in how your case is presented. Those charged with a homicide typically receive little sympathy from the courts, but our murder attorney is able to help paint a more sympathetic picture of you to the judge and jury.

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Homicide Lawyer with Exemplary Defense Skills

There are a number of different types of homicide charges, and each one has to be approached in a different way. Whether you are facing murder in the first degree, second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, or involuntary manslaughter charges, our homicide attorney has the experience, knowledge, and skill necessary to help you build a solid defense for yourself that will humanize you to the jury and help you bring your story across to them.

Having an aggressive homicide defense attorney by your side during a murder case is a must when it comes to presenting the best defense possible. We work tirelessly to prepare a criminal defense strategy for you that can potentially help you get a lesser charge or acquitted. While we can't promise you a positive outcome, our attorney can promise that we will protect your legal rights and ensure your story is heard during the case.

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Do not delay in contacting our murder lawyer when you have been accused of a homicide-related crime. Time is of the essence and it is important for our homicide defense attorney to immediately begin working towards building your defense strategy. Take advantage of our free initial consultation and case evaluations to meet our attorney and his team to learn why we are the right choice for helping you during this very troubling time.

Contact us right away when you have been arrested and accused of committing a homicide. Our homicide defense attorney builds strong cases for accused clients located throughout the communities of San Antonio, Floresville, Stone Oak, Alamo Heights, and Universal City, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas.